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For those who prefer to cook in the villas, we have fully-equipped kitchens. The catch-of-the-day is available from a fishing village at Puerto Popotla. On Saturday, a fresh fish and seafood cart sets up at the Las Gaviotas pool for the residents' shopping needs. The Quinta Plaza in Rosarita has a large, Comercial Mexicana supermarket and also a large PEMEX gas station, like most, has unleaded (Sin) gasoline. There is a huge Calimax supermarket near the north entrance to Rosarito Beach. The products are similar to ours, but it takes some getting used to items sold in kilos (2.2 lbs.), liters (about a quart) and pesos. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a safe buy. The exchange rate is posted at the entrance or checkout of the store. Dollars are accepted with change in Pesos or U.S. currency, your choice. There are fast food shops (in buildings) that offer tacos with anything in them you can imagine. Carne asada (grilled steak), carnitas (roast pork) and pescado (fish) are excellent. These places can also offer coctals de mariscos (seafood cocktails), tortas (Mexican hamburger), a place to sit and something to drink. Expect to pay $1-$2 per item. You may be surprised to discover that some restaurants are not inexpensive. We have spent a lot of time in the area finding some reliable and great food places. (Our personal suggestions and often tested to insure quality is being maintained.) There are many restaurants having very attractive neon signs that promise everything to everybody (not all meals are equivalent to the price or the hype). La Flor de Michoacan, La Estancia, Las Mañanitas, La Perlita and Mariscos La Alegria are memorable. $ is $5.00 or less per person, $$ is under $15 per person, $$$ is over $20 per person (Not including drinks).

La Flor de Michoacan Carnitas Rosarito Beach
Cheap Tacos Rosarito Beach

ROSARITO BEACH - 8 miles north of Las Gaviotas (restaurants listed from north to south on main drag in city)

PUERTO NUEVO - 2 miles south of Las Gaviotas with 25 lobster restaurants squeezed into 3 blocks Lots of choices, but too much hype and bait-n-switch dinners.

Best Lobster Village Restaurant in Puerto Nuevo
Mariscos la Alegria Cantamar

CANTAMAR - 3 miles south of Las Gaviotas

MEDIO CAMINO - 5 miles south of Las Gaviotas

LA FONDA - LA MISION AREA - 11 miles south of Las Gaviotas

ENSENADA - 40 miles south of Las Gaviotas. Ask around in Ensenada to find some of these places.

AFTER SUNSET From Rosarito Beach to Ensenada

Bahia Cantiles Las Gaviotas
Hussong's Ensenada